The exhibition activity takes place in the exhibition centre, which is situated in the industrial area of Riva del Garda, approximately two kilometres from the Congress Centre. The display area covers 44.000 square metres and is distributed across 12 halls, contained within 4 interconnecting buildings, and supplemented by a parking area for 2,900 cars.

The exhibition stands are planned to be modular and flexible, in order to offer the maximum choice and to provide a perfect solution to every possible requirement dictated by the wide range of events and fairs hosted here.

Riva del Garda Fierecongressi organises directly nazional and international exhibition events.

Exhibition Area

The 'Palafiere' can be reached in just a few minutes from the town centre.
The exhibition area, covering 44.000 square metres, has total wireless coverage. 12 exhibition halls make up the four interconnecting buildings and are made up as follows:

  • Hall A covers 6.000 square metres
  • Hall B covers 21.000 square metres
  • Hall C covers 16.000 square metres
  • Hall D which offers a further 1.000 square metres combining a 360 degree technical and logistical service for the business sector.

The modular structure guarantees total flexibility, making is possible to satisfy every possible exhibition requirement.

Four different parking areas offer 2.500 outdoor and 400 indoor parking spaces for exhibitors.

Upcoming Exhibitions