Model for organization, management and control

On June 8th 2001, a law was passed, no. 231, which sought to adapt the national legislation regarding legal figures of certain international conventions, which Italy has adhered to for some time.

The Decree introduced a kind of administrative responsibility within organizations, associations and consortiums, in Italy too, in the event that certain crimes are committed, or attempted, by top management, or their subordinates, in the interests of, or for the benefit of, the organization.

The introduction of the models of organization, management and control under the 231/2001 Decree is optional and not obligatory.

The Management of Riva del Garda - Fierecongressi S.p.A. has considered, in line with company policy, to proceed with the definition and subsequent implementation of this model, pledging to keep it updated over time by adopting and applying the Code of Ethics which contains policies and by appointing a special supervisory body which has the task of verifying the operation of the organizational model.

On June 12th 2019, the Board of  Directors of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi S.p.A. nominated Mr. Moreno Bighelli as the single member of the SupervFisory Body, who will retain this position until the final accounts for the year 2021 have been approved.F