Entry monitoring


Safe Experiences


We will not forego business or events, but we will remember that things have
changed and that the only tool we have to combat those changes and return to doing the things we like doing, to carry out our work to the best of our abilities and to help the economy progress, is to completely redesign our activity and services, learning to look at them in a different light..

  • The installation of a thermo-scanner at the entrances and refused entry to anyone with a temperature of above 37.5°C.
  • Entry permitted only wearing a facemask, which will be checked, and supplies made available to anybody not wearing one or not wearing PPE correctly.
  • The use of rapid entry systems to avoid crowding.
  • Staggered access with appropriate distancing signage.
  • Diversification of entry and exit routes in common areas and meeting rooms where opportune to do so.
  • Constant flow monitoring and management thanks to the presence of specialised stewards.
  • Monitoring of entrances and meeting rooms.
  • Organisation of access to stands and exhibition areas, monitored by control staff.

Useful information for travellers on the websites:

Ministry of health - viaggiaresicuri.it

Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo - official website