Evolve events

Theory states that to evolve signifies resisting, escaping from a continuous battle against natural selection. We believe that evolving means much, much more.  

Everyone evolves, events evolve

This is the core message of Evolve, the campaign that Riva del Garda Fierecongressi has created to communicate clearly and directly the anti-Covid measures and protocols that will allow us to continue to carry out our events safely and with total regard for the health and sensitivity of all those involved.

Clients, partners, suppliers and collaborators, together with all the staff of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, are the key players in this initiative which, during the Coronavirus health emergency, highlights a period of change, but also an opportunity for development, innovation and improvement for the meeting industry and the entire world. 

The centrality of people, the strength of a network of ideas and relationships that generate events, the sharing of common values and the willingness to face change with enthusiasm and determination, will therefore be the starting point for Evolve: an anti-Covid campaign that explains our new ways of doing the same things, in a different way: with new rules and solutions, but with the same passion and professionalism that has been our trademark for over 30 years.” 

The Aspects of Evolve

Cleaning & sanitisation
The principle of proportionality
Social distancing
Use of PPE
Entry monitoring
Criticality management
Auxiliary services
Same game, new rules

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