Social distancing


Keep Your Distance


We cancel out distancing with empathy. We learn to put ourselves in other
people’s shoes and to understand and respect their emotions and fears. 

We take an altruistic stance and smile with our voice, with our eyes and with all that which can make communication and our rapport with other people and our clients during Covid-19 more efficient.

  • The redefinition of meeting rooms, communal areas and the layout of buildings and events to guarantee interpersonal distancing in all areas.
  • Corridors and passage areas will have adequate dimensions to be able to consent social distancing.
  • Flow management in place with specialised stewards in all areas to avoid queues and crowding.
  • Physical distancing between speakers and the public through horizontal signage.

Useful information for travellers on the websites:

Ministry of health -

Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo - official website