Use of PPE


Respect and Act


We opt for well-being. And today, more than ever before, we opt for communal well-being. 

In other words, the matter of being responsible, of making good use of the lessons learned during the Coronavirus. Plus, we adopt correct conduct aimed at the health and safety of all those concerned.

  • The positioning of liquid disinfectant/ disinfectant gel dispensers throughout the entire Exhibition Area and Congress Centre, (especially close to entrances, passage points, toilets and refreshment areas).
  • The obligatory use of face masks for everyone (organisers and event participants, visitors, exhibitors, stand-fitters, staff and suppliers).
  • The provision of public information concerning the rules for the use of PPE, prepared for each and every area and stage of the event.
  • Monitoring during the event of the correct use of PPE conducted by specialised control staff.